The Ark

The Ark is located in the heart of the Aberdare National Park and it overlooks a floodlit waterhole and saltlick, which attracts and host much wildlife. It was constructed with the design of Noah’s Ark, therefore giving it four viewing areas whereby one can observe the animal activities at the waterhole and saltlick. There is also a ground level hide for photography at an eye level. So as not to miss any animal sighting, the resident guide will buzz your room when special animals come to the waterhole. Accommodation is n form of cabins, whereby all cabins are self contained. The rooms are in different levels: deck A, B, and C. Deck C is the main deck where all the main lodge facilities are located. One can watch the animals at the water hole in front of the Ark, from the safety and comfort of all the decks. Accessibility for guests with physical disabilities is also available.

Enjoy activities such as golf, tennis, horseback riding, relax at the health club, swimming, guided bush & nature walks, visits to moorlands, safari game drives at Aberdare National Park, visit Solio Sanctuary, mountain climbing& hiking at Satima, trout fishing and bird watching.






PEAK 01 Jul  17  to 31 Oct 17  &16 Dec 17  to 02 Jan 18

USD 204

USD 270

USD 386

SHOULDER 3 Jan 18     to 15 Mar 18

USD 190

USD 252

USD 360

LOW SEASON 1 Nov 17  to 22 Dec 17

USD 174

USD 231

USD 330

LOW SEASON 16 Mar 18  to 30 Jun 18

USD 174

USD 231

USD 330


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