Kenya Safari Prices are available upon request. In general, prices are higher during “high seasons” which lasts from June-October. Discounted prices are available in October and November. The Christmas season, which lasts from December to March sees an increase in prices. Hotels often charge a Christmas, New Year and Easter supplement. The “low season,” which is the best time to visit Kenya for budget travelers, ranges from April 1 until May 31.

How Much Should You Budget?

The minimum amount a non-resident should expect to spend is $350-450 per person per night for a luxury safari. For a six and half day luxury safari which will ensure you view the best in Kenya’s game parks and will also guarantee you a stay in three to four star accommodations, you can expect to spend between $2100 to $2700 depending on the season. Kenya Safari Prices go up accordingly for longer safaris. For example, a 14-day safari through Tanzania and Kenya would cost between $4900 and $5800 for each non-resident traveler depending on the season.

If you are a student, a resident, or on a tight budget, or if you wish to take a longer safari or want to explore Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, please contact us with your total travel budget. We will work hard to find accommodations that are safe but thrifty, and we can adjust the length of the safari to fit your pocketbook. We will work with you to ensure that you enjoy Kenya’s wildlife.

What’s Included in your Kenya Safari Price

The price of your safari includes all airport transfers, full board accommodation while on safari, mineral water while in the van, as well as park fees. The kenya safari price does not include beverages, extra activities such as balloon rides over the Maasai Mara, entrance fees to cultural villages and museums (usually between $20 and $30 per person per entrance), and gratuities.

Your airline ticket must be booked separately. However, we can also assist you in making affordable flight reservations with our airline partners Emirates and Kenya Airways.

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