Conservation Commitment

Our Commitment to Conservation and the Environment

Our commitment to Ecotourism in Kenya, conservation and the environment includes ensuring that while on safari, our clients view wildlife without intruding into the privacy of the animals they are viewing. Accordingly, our guides are careful to keep a distance that allows optimal viewing while not disturbing or startling the wildlife. We follow the creed “Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints.”

Further, we are committed to saving the delicate habitats that support East African game.  Kenya’s wildlife faces a dual threat: poachers kill endangered species for their tusks, horns and hides. Further, Ecotourism in Kenya faces serious pressures from overpopulation and human-wildlife conflicts.

Our company doesn’t just talk about conservation. We take active steps, both as individuals and as an organization, to protect Kenya’s wildlife and habitat. Our founder is a member of Youth for Conservation and spent November of 2004 in the Aberdare Forest removing snares set by poachers that threaten highly endangered elephants and rhinos. Our founders’ wife leads a youth group at Kabarak University committed to environmental preservation in and around Lake Nakuru. Clients interested in the ecotourism in Kenya may ask our founder about some of the threats facing Kenyan wildlife, and be directed to non-governmental organizations addressing these problems.

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